Friends come and go. We sometimes lose a few by way of relocating to a new city or a new stage in life. Your circle is one of the the most important aspects of your life. These are the people who have your back no matter what and would possibly serve time to get you out of a bad situation. This group of special friends are people you know you can call at 2am and will stay on the phone talking you off the ledge of whatever disaster is occurring.  These relationships are awesome. They are intricate, they can happen by chance and they are vital for so many reasons.


1. The people in your circle will not judge you. You can make a million mistakes. They will give you their opinion and tell you the truth but they will never condemn you.

2. Your fears and insecurities are known by them and theirs are known by you. The only way this happens is through time.

3. Having someone to trust in this world is pretty tough. Once you’ve found a trustworthy friend, you’ve found a pot of gold. They are precious. Treat them that way.

4. Your circle will not embarrass or humiliate you. Instead, they will laugh and say,” So what? You had way to many margaritas? Yes I did take a picture of you doing a clumsy catwalk on the dance floor while tossing your panties at the bartender… but I will never share it.” And they mean it.

5. You can cry your heart out with your circle and five minutes later be laughing hysterically.


6. Men are not allowed in the circle unless they are related to you or gay. Let’s face it. FB friends yeah sure. But unless you have known dude for years, assuming he is straight; hanging out and watching Lifetime Movies… uhh…He wants that ass. I am not saying you should not have male friends. You should and can, but he should not be in your circle.

7. You automatically get the Auntie pass with your friends kids. Six Flags? Heck yeah… McDonalds after that? Yep! Then you can bring them home to their folks, go to your place and pass out. Kiddos typically love their parents circle. If they don’t, something is off. Kids are extremely astute judges of character.

There are so many reasons to appreciate your support system. I love my circle beyond measure and hope they know it. If they don’t I will be annoying and call them every five minutes to let them know just how much I care.

If you do not have a circle. Get one. If you don’t know where to start or how write me and let’s talk it out.