Most women have a rule about the “right time” to have sex with the person their dating. I’m not that big on those rules. To me its almost like saying, “Hun, we can only have sex on Tuesdays and Thursdays.” Emotional freedom is most important. I know what some may be thinking, “what if he or she leaves afterwards?” Well I say this, if its good, then they will be wanting to meet your parents by breakfast time. So if that guy or girl up and left you after that first time, then it might not have been that good. I’m not saying that you should have sex on the first night because there is no point in waiting. I’m merely saying that “good good” will keep them coming back. Its alright to get to know people by all means but do not put a time limit on getting to know someone. I know there are popular books that state you should have all of these rules before you do this or do that and blah blah blah. The real deal is, its not that you have changed the rules once you are dating someone new, its the fact that you have changed the people you date all together. The next person you date and feel like you are physically ready to make that next step, make sure that that person is someone that you can look back and say “I’m alright with having sex with him/her”. Every person that you have sex with may not be your husband/wife. That’s sometimes the ebbs and flow of life. But, you also need to prepare yourself for those times that it does not work out. You need to be comfortable adding that person to your total number of sexual partners. In conclusion, there is no generic right time. Its only what you feel comfortable with. Just understand that no body can feel your comfort like you can.

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