This is how I responded,

It’s an interesting question. Can’t define it but can describe some of the crazy things it can make people do. Show up at someone’s house at 3 am to make sure that they are there alone. Go through their phone to see who they are texting or calling. Key somebody’s car cause you think they out there messing with him or her. Now that i have gotten a few of the negative things out of the way. Love can have you showin up to someone’s house at 3 am in the morning because they have called and can’t sleep without you. Love can have you sending good morning, I love you, I miss you, and goodnight texts and phone calls with smiley faces and heart kisses. Love can have you giving them the spare keys to house the car and the safety deposit box. “Love is like one of your favorite drinks. joy mixed with pleasure with a hint of heartache . Most of the time when u drink it in moderation it’s good til the very last drop. However, when you consume too much (i. e., get so deep you can’t see urself anymore), that hangover can have you in bed for days not sleeping or eating.” And u know sometimes when u get sick off a particular drink u tend to stray away from that drink for a while.

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