Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

Side Chicks have been there since the beginning of time. Some have referred to them as hoes, sluts, bitches, and any other unflattering names they could think of at the time. There are really three types of side chicks. Ones that don’t know that they are side chicks, ones that believe if they stay with him long enough she will be the main chick, and the one that loves to be the side chick just for the thrill of it.

Let’s first address the “I did not know” I was a side chick. While I can sympathize with this person, I can’t get over the fact that some type of sign did not smack you right in the face. If you are just friends with benefits then this should not apply to you. But, if you have never been to his house after being together for more than two months, there may be a problem. No matter what he tells you, unless his kids or mother lives with him, he will invite you over. A man wants to be in his home with a woman that he’s kicking it with. Its about territory and being comfortable. If you have an out of town relationship and he always wants to meet you halfway at a hotel, you might be a side chick. If the only time you see him is after 9pm on the weekend and he does not have a second job, you might be a side chick. If he only takes you to dinner on different side of town, you might be a side chick.

Now, lets address the “he told me they were almost over.” You know that one that you get involved with that has stipulations to why they are not totally single. You probably should catch them at another time. These are the women that say stuff like “he told me he was going to leave her!” Or, “they live together but it’s basically over.” Are you really in that much of a rush to fall in love that you can’t wait until the situation is over? Or, are you really more like our third side chick than you’re willing to admit? 

Lastly, the side chick that loves the thrill of having something that does not belong to them. You remember that song “I’m in the same room with you and your girlfriend and the fact that she don’t know really turns me on.” These women are slick because 9 times out 10 they are all about business. They don’t care for commitment; they like to come and go as they please. These are probably the same women that can be your best friend. Cooler than a fan, always the first girlfriend to tell you that you’re over reacting about this whole love thing. 

I could probably go on and on about each one but I will keep it short and sweet. I wrote this just to write it. So, ladies if you are one of the 3 before mentioned and you’re good with your life, then keep doing you. If, however, you would like to change your life today, we have started a side chick rehabilitation program. For more information, please contact the Main Chick Society. They have a program for you.