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About Me —

Born in Spartanburg, SC and raised Atlanta, GA. I’m a huge fan of words–it provides imagery that speaks to my senses. Creativity is one of the most beautiful human traits we were blessed with. Creativity is Freedom!

My Skills

Writing and Drawing

Web Site 20%
Book 30%
Photography 25%
Videos 30%
Creating 10%

The Start

I’m fairly new to this writing thing, so hopefully I will get better. One of these days, I want to write a book or maybe just short stories. I’ve tried my hand at photography and i’m still learning that as well. I think its funny to see myself in my youtube videos but its all a good learning experience.

Projects I’ve done

This is just the beginning!


My Contact —

If you need to contact me about my blog or about events, you can reach me here

just email me


Atlanta, GA

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