Aspiration and hope are seeds of infinite possibility…

But as we age we tend to forget that. We trudge through adulthood, with added responsibilities, struggles, disappointments; our dreams from our youth slowly slipping away. We are so busy that we forget that we are limitless in attaining what we truly desire. We are not even aware that it is happening until we are forced to be. I believe this revelation occurs through Devine circumstance.

In essence, we come up against an obstacle, get through it and realize.. Woah! If I made it through that storm, I can adjust my thoughts and be armed for the next battle. I can DO anything. You feel empowered by growth and inspired by change.

I wonder sometimes… How did I go from adamantly professing when I was in college… I would never work for corporate America! …To actually working in corporate America? I have to laugh at the irony. I am thankful for my job. I am thankful for all of the opportunities that have come my way. But it does not define who I am. My dreams my goals are bigger than a job, a home, cars, a man. They are bigger than me.

We have to dream, believe and do more.

We have what takes by the grace of God to be more.

That little girl in picture climbing high in those classy shoes looks fearless doesn’t she?

That girl is me.