Life is crazy. Life is amazing and life can be terrifying.

You and I both know that. So while knowing this ,why do we get our panties or boxers (or thong) in a bunch with worry? We have no control over anything  that happens or anyone’s actions but our own. We worry over bills, relationships, emotions for nothing. It’s such a waste of precious time.

We can make a choice to fret or just relax knowing everything is in God’s hands.

I am a firm believer that nothing happens by accident. So if a situation arises that takes me out of my comfort zone there are only two options.

As a habitual worrier, I can keep up the ridiculous cycle of fretting over the present circumstances or about the future or I can make the choice today to lean back and relax. I choose to lean back. I know that everything is going to work out, I trust that.

Because really whatever we are going through is going to make us stronger and wiser.

Note to self: Stop worrying. Keep living. Everything will be ok.