I wonder how many men have had that conversation with the female gender.

Male: where would you like to go eat?

Female: it doesn’t matter to me

Male: ok we will go to such and such

Female: no, I don’t like that

Male: so where do you want to go then?

Female: oh, I don’t know, it doesn’t matter.

This is how the fellas want to react:

Ladies, we ask these questions for a reason. For us, we can eat at our local burger joint but we know that you guys would not approve. When a man asks you to go anywhere, he has to make it a unsex activity. He is probably not going to invite you out to the sports bar to watch the game. Unless he knows that’s your thing.

These are some remedies that “may” be able to help this situation:

Fellas, maybe ask where she does not want to go. Lol.

Ladies, tell him what type of activity you don’t want to participate in.

Fellas, do a little more research about things going on in your city.

Ladies, learn to be patience with him because at the end of the day he just wants to spend a little quality time with you. Last thing ladies, if you care where you guys go, then don’t say things like, “It does not matter to me”

Fellas, if she says, “it does not matter to me”, it really does matter and you should be prepared to throw out more than one option. Last thing Fellas, don’t let her see your frustration unless your willing to forgo the later that evening activities.