Now, I don’t have a Webster’s dictionary but I have an opinion. I believe there is a stark difference between a freak and a hoe (whore). Let me explain.

Hoe (whore): For me it’s someone who really doesn’t enjoy sex, yet they continue to engage in sexual activities whenever and wherever. If you ask a hoe why they had sex with that person or persons, nine times out of ten the answer will be “I don’t know” that is assuming that it’s not a exchange for cash event. Although, they can’t be separated that much, adding cash is the direct reason for sex. The “I don’t know” people usually see sex as an event that has to take place because that’s what people do. They are not emotionally attached to sex. Now, it is possible to not enjoy sex but have sex with someone because you love them. Those people i would not consider under the guidelines of being a hoe. According to my description, men can be hoes as well.

Freak: a freak is someone who indulges in the Intricacies of sex as it pertains to all 5 senses. And for the comedians, if you’re deaf, blind, or vocally challenged, you can still be a freak. For a freak , there is always a reason why they have sex. It may change from time to time but there is always a reason. Oh and yes, you can be a freak if you have had sex with one person for your whole life. Being a freak is not about how many partners you have, it’s purely about the sex. A freak can turn what some may deem “gross” to a night filled with multiple orgasms.

I know for some it’s hard to fathom that having sex with multiple people does not make you a hoe. Freaks have been mislabeled as something bad…as something that is not becoming of a decent human being. Some people think it is synonymous with hoe (whore). I would gather that these are people that have been misled about sex in general.

For the fellas out there, don’t condemn your woman because the next man will not. If your woman wants to be a freak or is a freak go with the flow. Sure you’re going to have your limits but cross that bridge when you get there. After all, it is “yours”. You should be able to smack it, lick it, and turn it upside down and inside out.

For the ladies, same thing applies…if you will not, the next woman will. Don’t be afraid to explore yourself and your partner. However, if you find this is not what you like and your partner really likes it, then prepare for some obstacles. I’m not saying it will be a deal breaker, but it can make the relationship a lot more difficult.

I hope I have helped somewhat in this ongoing battle of Freaks vs Hoes

Born in Spartanburg, SC...Raised Atlanta, GA