I don’t know about anyone else, but a woman in the kitchen making her man a nice meal is sexy as hell. Its not just the fact that she is cooking but that she is cooking for someone. She takes her time and will put that extra care in it for him. The way she chops up spices while she stirs this pot and that pot is very erotic. The aroma coming from the kitchen is enough to make a man stand at attention. Thats of course if she really knows what she is doing. It must stem from my belief that a woman must be able to multitask very well. Its been said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach-well that is partly true. It will keep him coming back to that table. Not sure it will make him fall in love tho. I think R. Kelly had the right idea; he believed that sex in the kitchen was a major turn on. I would have to agree with him. He must have had that lady in his life that was throwing down in the kitchen. Am I being sexist? I dont know, but I do know that I like what I like. That’s a woman taking great pride to make sure her dude is satisfied.