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What it’s In a Name?



My name is Alyse Taylor Cooke. My father’s name is Alvin Young Cooke Sr. and my mother’s is Toni Marie Taylor Cooke. When my mom was pregnant and discovered she was having twins she initially told my dad with a straight face that she […]


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Thirty Seven

Anger, fear frustration disappointment offense… are truly the feelings or emotions that hinder us from experiencing and enjoying life. I recently turned 37 years old. I know some people who get out of sorts as they age and complain about not wanting to […]


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The Bigger Picture

Life doesn’t happen by accident. If you are reading this you are alive and you have a purpose. If you have not figured it out yet, that is okay. It takes time. If you feel disappointed, know this; Every choice that we make determines […]


Be Still

Name something that is extremely valuable but hard to navigate if you don’t have sure footing? LIFE.

I was stressed angry confused and just down irritated this week. So late last night I decided to throw a pity party out on my balcony. Why am […]


Your Circle

Friends come and go. We sometimes lose a few by way of relocating to a new city or a new stage in life. Your circle is one of the the most important aspects of your life. These are the people who have your back […]


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Lean Back

Life is crazy. Life is amazing and life can be terrifying.

You and I both know that. So while knowing this ,why do we get our panties or boxers (or thong) in a bunch with worry? We have no control over anything  that happens or […]




How much does saying I am sorry cost?

Absolutely nothing. Matter of fact apologizing is a form of liberation when you mean it. It brings PEACE.

It has nothing to do with who is wrong or right.

I am sorry. That I hurt you, embarrassed you, bullied […]


Irie Times

Staff meetings are great! Said no one ever… Actually mine are not too bad. The myriad of personalities of the people that I work with. You really never know what to expect and you never leave without a good laugh.

At one meeting, my co-worker […]


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Aspiration and hope are seeds of infinite possibility…

But as we age we tend to forget that. We trudge through adulthood, with added responsibilities, struggles, disappointments; our dreams from our youth slowly slipping away. We are so busy that we forget that we are limitless […]