Name something that is extremely valuable but hard to navigate if you don’t have sure footing? LIFE.

I was stressed angry confused and just down irritated this week. So late last night I decided to throw a pity party out on my balcony. Why am I dealing with this? Why is this happening? Why can’t people be honest? Why can’t I be more forthright about how I feel? Why why why. Scarlett O’Hara had nothing on me with the dramatics.

And one thought interrupted the theatrics and said, “Take your dog for a walk right now.”

I am a believer but I never thought I actually heard from God. You know? Like when people say, God told me such and such. I’ve always mentally given them the side eye and wondered how they knew it was God and not their imagination.

I sat there a few minutes and heard it again. “Go take your dog for a walk NOW”.

At this point I was like fine but realized I had to use the restroom. So I paused and then I heard, believe it or not, “Go to the bathroom first and take your dog out now.”

So I did my business hooked Irie up on the leash and headed out. It was cool and little windy and I felt lifted immediately. I turned the corner and as Irie sniffed at the grass I looked up and saw the King & Queen buildings across the street. I happen to work in the Queen building. Next thought, “Did you ever think that you would work in that building?” And I said to myself, no. Irie was done with sniffing and started to trot along and we were now facing my home. Second thought: “Did you ever think that you would live here?” Again…No


So why are you so concerned with all that is going on in other peoples lives? Why are you making yourself sick with worry over decisions that people are making with their lives? Why do you feel the need to fix things when I have already shown you what I can do? Oh and by the way, you haven’t seen anything yet. I am the source of everything and anything you will ever need. Seek me Alyse and I will give you everything that you could ever want according to my will. I AM the love of your life. Be still.

I was shocked and relieved. A weight was off my shoulders.

And because God likes to show off he did something else. I usually walk home for my lunch hour to walk my dog or just chill and watch the judge shows. Yesterday I spent my lunch hour at home and I remember thinking as I was sweeping the floor that I wanted something in my place to brighten it up. I don’t have many windows and the school next door blocks a lot of light. It was a fleeting thought.

This morning I woke up at 5am and decided to take my trash out instead of waiting for the valet since I forgot to put out the night before. I opened the door to the trash area, dropped my bags, looked up and found this gem leaning against the wall.


I picked it up, brought it home, wiped it down and hung it up. See? I had a thought about needing something the day before, didn’t even ask for it, but it came me to easily without any effort on my part. I know that sounds maybe ridiculous to some but to me, it validated the experience I had the night before.

I have to trust Him. There is no other choice. Otherwise I will run in circles and drive everyone including myself crazy trying to understand and fix people or situations when that is just not my job, thank God.