This website is designed to promote emotionally stimulating thoughts, words, and actions. Artist of all kinds and those who appreciate Art are welcomed! This website is also designed to allow people to engage in intellectual emotional conversation. Moreover, it’s for people who can maintain a healthy emotional debate while at the same time being respectful of other people’s opinions. We will have group discussions on various topics such as love, relationships, sex, current events, and history and how it affects our world today.



This is a little history on how EmotionalStimulation was formed. At the time, I had no idea and I’m sure the people who were there didn’t either. One summer evening during the late 90s, a group of friends sat outside on the pavement of an apartment complex. Why? It just felt like the thing to do. We started a conversation about life and what it meant to us. What we found out was that we really had a lot of things in common. At least in our view that life had to be about more than money, hoes, and clothes. Well lets just say that we continued that conversation into the wee hours of the morning. I remember afterwards thinking I had no idea that people thought about life in a similar fashion. The moral of the story is that you learn a lot from just having a conversation. Fast forward 20 years later and EmotionalStimulation is creating conversations that people may or may not have known that someone else felt the same way that they do.