I used to work for an entertainment newspaper. It was called Punchline and distributed in Hartford,CT Boston, MA & NY city. It was my favorite job. I wrote album reviews and did interviews. My first assignment was Summer Jam 2001. On the roster was Beanie Man, Fat Foe, The Lox, Red Man Slick Rick.

I was terrified and had no idea what I was doing. But I got through it. The artists were extremely nice and willing to talk.

I’ve never been star struck but when I saw Sleek Louch from the Lox I froze and could not say anythin. I’ve interviewed Ludacris at Hip Zepi USA in Boston where Chris Webber (my celebrity crush) happened to be shopping there that night,  AZ, Lil Mo,  Jules Santana, Cameron, Jaheim and Jadakiss among others.

I haven’t purchased a CD in years but when I heard that Jadakiss dropped a new album I was really excited.

I miss writing. I miss music. Real music.

Listening to this CD makes me remember why I love it and why I wrote about it.